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Easier Way To File GSTR-2


What Is GSTR-2?
GSTR-2 is quintessentially a form which is required to be submitted to gain “Return for Inward supplies for a tax period” by every Indian who are registered and taxable for a particular month.

Who Needs To File It?

According to the new GST law, every taxpayer who has had filed GSTR-1 are bound by law to file GSTR-2, exceptions being distributors of service, taxable personals who are nonresidents under GST and, people who are registered under the scheme of compounding.

Along with them, operators of E-commerce do not need to file GSTR-2 as they will be required to fill up separate forms cardinal to their department.

Due Date For Filing The Form
According to the announcement made by the GST council, visit for more information.

Format And Steps For Filing The Form

Step A: Every individual who is a taxpayer is required to log in to GST portal with his/her user ID and password.

Step B: When the logged in successfully, the user will be able to see his/her dashboard.

Step C: Next, by clicking the Service menu and then clicking the Returns, he/she will be directed to the home page of GST return page. The page will display all the various services that are available on the GST portal and, therefore the individual taxpayer is required to select one to continue.

Information That Are Auto-Populated In GSTR-2

  • The various details of the tax collectible at the source that is presented by any e-commerce operator.
  • Details of invoice of all the supplies which are received from registered personnel.

Therefore filing GSTR-2 is an easy by quintessentially important task, which should be filed in within the given time frame to ensure hassle-free business and cater the taxpaying norms and therefore benefit our country in the due process. Looking for support, visit www.rajlaxmiworld.com