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How to be Ready to file GST?

GST, an abbreviation of Goods and Services Tax is a comprehensive tax levied on goods and services available across India. Unlike taxes like service tax and VAT which are indirect taxes, GST is a unified and direct tax. The GST rates for different products and services are different and are revised time after time.

Under GST, businesses have to register to get a unique PAN-based ID will have to comply with the requirements thrice a month, by filling up the forms GSTR-1, GSTR-2, and GSTR-3. GST can be filed online easily.

Are You GST Ready?

As said before, GST can be filed online easily. As one has to fill up three forms monthly, it can be a hassle to do the process offline. But you can avoid the hassle easily and file GST online, at the comfort of your home or office.

To help you get started, Tally is software which can help users to record and review transactions made, and make their users GST-ready with this GST-friendly program. The latest versions of Tally, Tally ERP 9, Release 6.0 and onwards; can be used to organize and prepare data for filling up the three GSTR forms.

The software can handle data dealing with billings or purchases and can deal with multiple tax rates. The software promises the most accurate GST returns calculated by its algorithm, free from any errors. The software also generates the data files that have to be uploaded on the GST online portal in the format required for submitting, using offline and online utilities, so that it is easy for you to file your tax returns.

With the help of Tally, it is also easy for one to detect the errors and omissions made in the billing and transaction data. When the data files are ready, one just has to fill up the forms and submit the returns using the GST online portal.

The GST online portal also helps the users to check for errors and let them upload pending transactions, which are to be added to the data for the next month.

You can see that it is really easy to file GST returns in the comfort of your own home using Tally and the GST online portal. The official website for Tally also has video resources to help their users further. And if you have these resources at hand, congrats, you are officially ready to file your GST returns.


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