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Not able to reconcile Tally Data with GST Portal for GSTR-1?

The form GSTR-1 is one in which businesses are required to be provided with the necessary details for their outward supplies. Outward Supplies cater in meaning to all the all supplies comprising of sales to various businesses, customers, exportation, receipts from consumers, so on and so forth.

The form comprises of multiple tables, in each table the particular business has to provide various details in diverse styles.

How to reconcile Tally Data with GST Portal?

In order to file the form GSTR-, it is required to generate a JSON file with the help of offline utility. Then, this JSON file is going to be created using the various data which is filled in excel file format and is provided with offline utility.

One needs to remember, to use the excel file which is provided along with utility in order to prevent errors messages. JSON File, which is a Java-based text file, can be uploaded to the GST Portal, and thus can be created using this software.

JSON file can essentially be reconciled using the data scraped from the excel file and the CSV files. It is cardinal to ensure the fact that the Excel format should be according to the samples provided by GSTN via the offline utility download folder.

There is certain software like GSP software, which does not require specialized software for creating the JSON file. This GSP software can be implemented directly to create JSON file inherently from the data entered through the software.

Excel Templates which contain various sheets of data for various supply details of the businesses. Each sheet has a purpose which is explained on the preliminary page of Excel sheet and thus also in the Help file contained in same the folder.

Tip: Sample data can also be entered in the Excel file acting as a reference.

It is cardinal that before entering the data a copy of the excel sheet with a suitable name is kept at hand.

This is how Tally data can be reconciled effortlessly with the GST portal for GSTR-1 for uploading GSTR-1 and thus continue their business in a hassle-free manner.

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