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Tally Server 9

It is the product that is needed by the medium to large sized companies to ensure that their business efficiency increases by manifold. Not just that the small companies also need this enterprise-class product to make a fast growth for their business. What’s best is it allows Tally.ERP 9 the gold users to gain more control and pour over the software. There is server-based information management which helps if a lot of systems need to be managed at the same time. Tally.Server 9 has the best scalability because of the properties of several version concurrencies.

Every request in the Tally.server 9 has the equal priority, so there is no line up of the access requests as well as of the modification requirements. This makes the working smoother. This has been made possible because in the Tally.server 9 the user data access or modification is isolated so that each and every user can handle his or her snapshot without any problems.


Multiple operations can be performed in an environment that is completely frictionless. Expect you and your co-worker to do completely different things at the same time without experiencing any time lag in the process. If a user is editing a report then some other user can easily view that particular report simultaneously, so the data gets updated in real time, it is accurate and consistent.


Data files are now provided with controlled access. So if someone manages data files through the Tally.server 9 then the data located on the server is not needed. So even if someone knows just the name of the data server, it is sufficient to access the tally.ERP 9. The important operations like backup and restore can only be made available with authorization and have server level permission to ensure that all the data is completely safe and secure.


Instances when the system is unavailable? Almost zero. The assurance of the Tally.server 9 is of zero downtime. So one can view and modify reports at the same time recording various transactions taking place in the company and simultaneously take a backup, but there is going to be no compromise on the speed or the accuracy of the data entered. The server is high speed, and discrepancies are made minimum so that no operations get impacted or face an issue due to the server. Thus the system remains available for over 99% of the time making it all the more reliable.


A number of authorized users can manage the sessions of various users and check who all are logged in and performing what activities at the same time. This ensures smooth supervision of the business process and the work patterns can be analyzed. If needed the users can even be disconnected. The system usage can be optimized by the authorized user in a way that enhances the productivity of the workers thus making them focus on the important aspects of the company. So control the time that users are spending in various sections of the software.