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Terms & Conditions

Please go through the following details which are legally enforceable following the law of the land. This is essential to manage the usage of this website. Please note that by accessing the website you agree to all of our terms and conditions which apply completely. In case you do not agree to the terms and conditions you cannot use this website. RajLaxmi Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (RSPL) reserves the right to amend/remove any of the terms and conditions at its own discretion without giving any of its users a prior notice. Furthermore, the amended agreement herein shall be enforceable immediately after posting on the website.

Tally Products:

Email and call solicitations are our primary sources of communicating with customers. Hence, in the event of unsubscribing or even deciding to opt out of our products or services, you must notify our third-party call center representatives or our direct sales representatives.

You can opt-out of our products or services through opt-out links available in the emails you receive from us. Alternately, you may write to us a personal email for opting out from, specific services or products offered by us.

Please note that copying, reproducing, reselling or redistributing any product of our company is strictly prohibited and recognized as a punishable offense. RajLaxmi Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (RSPL) also have all the rights to all trademarks, trade dress and various parts of this webpage that may also include calls to action, texts, images or any other information. You are responsible for paying sales tax on any product if applicable.


In order to provide a seamless experience to customers and giving out right information, the website uses third party links and content that may be sourced from other websites and all this content that may form the intellectual property are protected by the law in India and foreign countries alike. The unauthorized use of the content may count as a violation of our copyright, trademark, and/or other laws that are applicable to the subject

Website Usage:

RajLaxmi Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (RSPL) shall not be responsible for any damages resulting from the use of this website by anyone. You must abide by all the rules and regulations of your region, state, or country while accessing our website and must not interfere with the usage of the website by others. Do not indulge in spam, chain letters or any offensive communication mode to harass or defame other users of the website.


Please note that RajLaxmi Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (RSPL) offers all of our products or services on as is basis meaning that it is offered as manufactured by the company with no alterations. The use of this website or even any product or services availed by you is solely at your own risk. The company disclaims any warranty on the products which may include warranties of merchantability. The organization makes no warranty that the information provided on this website shall be accurate or reliable/complete.


Our board of directors, officers or staff members are not responsible for any incident related to the usage of this website and you are advised to access the website at your own risk. The restrictions on responsibility will be followed strictly by the company.


RajLaxmi Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (RSPL) gives utmost importance to the privacy of our users and strongly believe in protecting user privacy. Please refer to the privacy policy section to delve into the details.


This entire article collectively forms the whole agreement between users and this website pertaining to its usage. This document also replaces any prior understandings or agreements as well.

Prevailing Law and Authority:

This Agreement is deemed to be governed by its region of origin and governed by the respective laws of the state. For the breach of the agreement, you may not commence or prosecute any lawsuit. You strictly prohibited from breaching any provision of the terms and conditions mentioned or implied in this agreement. You must not make unauthorized use of this website to do promotions, influence other users, damage the site in any way, and the company may curb limitations on your use without prior notice.


RajLaxmi Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (RSPL) may terminate your access to the website following any proved breach of the terms and conditions as mentioned or implied in this agreement. Post-termination you will not be allowed to use the website without any advance notice to you.

If you have any query related to the terms and conditions then please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]